How to Collaborate Without Burning Out

Is there such thing as driving too much collaboration? Read the article to get great insights into how you can leverage technology to enable healthy, productive collaboration without driving people toward burnout. Then contact Quay Focus so we can help you get the right technology to drive efficient teamwork with Microsoft Office 365.

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Weathering the Aftermath of Hurricane Irma with Skype for Business

Every business wants to be there for their customers. And Quay Focus has the solutions to help. See how Kelly Roofing in Florida used Skype for Business to successfully field 26,000 calls the week after Hurricane Irma and ramp up new employees to meet their community’s needs. Contact us to find out how Microsoft Office 365 can help you bring your teams together and best serve your customers.

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Boys & Girls Clubs of America–A Digital Transformation

Digital transformation can create a positive impact that reaches far beyond the doors of your organization. And Quay Focus is here with the right solutions to get you there. See how Boys & Girls Clubs of America extended their reach by creating a new youth-facing platform powered by Microsoft Dynamics, hosted by Microsoft Azure, and supported with Microsoft Office 365. Contact us to get started on your own transformation.

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Empower students with assistive tech solutions from Microsoft and its partner ecosystem

Today’s schools need a dependable set of modern educational tools designed to save time for teachers and improve student outcomes.

With a variety of assistive technologies built into Microsoft 365, schools can help students make strides in all areas of study. Learning tools like Immersive Reader help students increase reading speed and comprehension. OneNote, included in Office 365, provides an easy-to-use toolset that helps students succeed in math classes.

What solutions are waiting for you? Contact us to learn more.

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How cloud-based PBX and PSTN save Microsoft more than $120,000 per day with Skype for Business

In a constant attempt to unify communications at Microsoft, they seek a perpetual state of transformation. Leveraging the advantages of cloud-based communication is one area that they have found substantial gains. Using Skype enables their employees to work remotely and encourages them to bring-their-own-device. Your business can leverage those same modern digital advantages by integrating the solutions just like Skype.

At Quay Focus, we’re knowledgeable in the space and can help you to transform your business. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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Why Cloud Customer Flyer

Are you still using that same old email platform? If so, it’s probably time to upgrade. Get the most for your business by leveraging the unique opportunities that using a modern email platform can bring: access email from anywhere, on any device and keep your information safe with document access controls and remote data wipes. Avoid the maintenance and surprise expense of hardware and software costs.

At Quay Focus, we know that with the right email platform, your business will free up time and money. Contact us to learn how we can help you to bring your email platform to the modern digital age.

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Customer Story: Tucson Unified School District

When students struggle with learning disabilities in a traditional classroom, it’s easy for them to feel left behind. Microsoft education tools make it possible for students to create a unique classroom experience by providing customizable learning tools that allow students to learn at their own pace and in the way that best benefits them.

This technology enables teachers to collaborate with each other and to create interactive learning experiences that challenge and excite their students.

Check out this video to learn more about how Microsoft Education technology is changing the way teachers connect with their students.

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