Align the use of technology with your business goals.  Get up to 25% improvements.

The Quay Focus objective is to empower small and medium businesses to embrace the Digital Advantages and to enhance their understanding of and to experience the many benefits of cloud computing, adapt their processes with skilled staff.

We can work with you to review processes and systematise routine and repetitive activities.  Free up time for more focused work.

Digital Strategy

Strategy development for small to medium business and to assist your business to be competitive and quality driven. Specialise in cloud solutions.


Utilise the digital functions to ensure repetitive steps undertaken by technical excellence or by automation and maximum steps taken towards efficiency.

Digital Skills

An essential element is to ensure your people have the skills and motivation to take full advantage of the tools provided.


Make your business efficient with effective systems. Have you considered a digital solution?

At Quay Focus we can assist you to onboard and evaluate Cloud Solutions – setup and staff training​. Access from all devices – Yes it is that easy!

Have more time to work on your business instead of in your business.

Talk to someone who has experience in running a small business and selecting systems for business operations. Short Term Skills
Often an organisation may require skills for a short period of time to assist with a specific project to be undertaken. The most cost-effective way is to employ the services of a consultant to achieve that objective. Quay Focus is able to provide consultant services in a number of areas both in-house and remotely online.


Connect systems and automate where possible to increase productivity and reduce the chance of errors. Collaboration may increase initiative and ideas as well as avoiding duplication.

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