Here we have tried to anticipate some of your questions and list them with answers below.

What Digital Advantages for a business

  • Competitive advantage
  • Productivity gains of up to 25%
  • Customer interaction
  • Security & Data loss prevention
  • Compliance and Governance
  • Connectivity of systems
  • Lower Cost
  • Mobility and Flexibility

Will you come to our office?

Absolutely! Most of our work is conducted at our clients work place where we conduct our consulting and or training sessions using realistic examples.

How far will you travel?

That is negotiated.  Often we have travelled interstate to work with clients. Alternatively we have also conducted a pre-planned online session in particular for overseas offices.  We are as flexible as is realistically possible.

What are your prices?

As we customise our work for each client, I would suggest that as a guide you request a copy of our L&D workshops 2018 handbook, to be emailed to you.

What is the most popular service?

Our one-on-one sessions are by far the most popular as they are so cost-effective.  Generally one hour in duration with a pre planned items to cover.  Minimum time away from work with the maximum learning achieved.  A series of 1 hour sessions can be booked throughout the morning and the afternoon (or even the evening).  See other options below:



A workshop that is 6 hours in duration (preference of 2×3 hrs), to provide demonstration with explanation and hands on ​practice. Topics available on request.  Requires one machine per participant available in a suitable training room on site with a projector or flat screen.

One on One

Most cost effective and popular.

Bookings of one hour duration for one or two persons is a very effective training session.  Participants develop a list of topics to cover and may even have a document ready to work with during the session. Very relevant and specific ensuring a high level of retention. Learning and development is is most effective. Minimum bookings will apply for face to face.  No minimum bookings for online – Get BookedIN.

Master Class

A one hour group session, with a very targeted topic.  Demonstration and explanation provided.  Participants may bring laptops to try. Sample have includ​ed excel, powerpoint adn OneNote topics.  Any topics from workshop levels and others may be used. Minimum bookings will apply for face to face.​


One on one online can be very interactive and specific similar to the face to face one on one listed above.  Full audio and video available if required (video requires good bandwidth).  Please list software and topic requirements in comments field when booking.

​Groups of up to 25 participants can be more like a Master Class with demonstration and explanation.  Some questions can be asked by text method.

Both methods work well and best practice is to observe demonstration on one screen (tablet or PC) and try out topic on a second screen with software available – eg excel.  Two screens not essential but does provide a better result. Session can be recorded as video and available for replay on demand (time limited).


Have your staff training customised to ensure it meet your specific requirements, in a cost effective manner.