Who We Are

Quay Focus is a business to business company based in Torquay, Australia.  Commenced in 2014 it is based on over 25 years of experience in learning & development, as well as assisting the adoption of leading edge technology.

The Principle Director, Howard Randall has a Master of Education (Business Education & Training) in addition to many years experience of consulting to business, local government and other organisations.

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Systems should support processes which support people.

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The Quay Focus objective is to empower small and medium businesses to enhance their understanding of and to experience the many benefits of cloud computing, adapt their processes with skilled staff.

This can free up resources for other capabilities and to focus on core business activities.

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Cloud Integrated Systems

Digital solutions enables you to select and subscribe from a very wide range of software options, for a relatively low cost and have access to world class, cloud systems.  What we can do to help your business:

  • ​Review your business practices and identify potential systems to use
  • Assist you to develop a digital strategy and or an IT plan
  • Assist with the implementation and training of staff​
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