Coaching, Mentoring and Training

Enable your staff to develop their technical skills and focus on their primary job functions while performing computer tasks confidently.  Gain up to 25% productivity gains.

Comments include:

“that used to take me several hours every week”

“oh my, I have wasted half of my life doing that the long way!”

“Why didn’t someone tell me that 20 years ago?”

“You have just saved me half an hour a day!”



Microsoft Office 365

This enables small business to have sophisticated systems that previously could only be afforded by large corporations. A simple low cost but high quality system that enables you to work collaboratively anywhere, anytime.
Quay Focus can assist you to:

  • Understand the components available
  • ​Plan to best meet your needs
  • Transition to the cloud environment
  • Move your business to best practice in terms of systems and your processes
  • Train your staff to ensure efficiency of operation
  • Up to 25% productivity gains are achievable with digital tools​​​
  • Automated back up and security

Point of Sale

Integrated point of sale to save considerable time in your daily operations. Also a leading online store.

Contact Quay Focus to discuss your requirements.

Member Management

Web site, Database, Events, Payments, Email

  • Automate processes and reduce volunteer and or staff tasks. Professional system to manage your organisation from any device, from where ever you are
  • Attract, renew, search, and manage your members with ease
  • Grow your events with easy online promotion & registration
  • Build your online presence with a simple drag and drop website builder Easily accept online payments and donations with the option to set up recurring dues
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Mobile app

Policy and Procedures

Make sure your policies and procedures are effective and are used by all staff from induction, day to day operations and for training purposes.

Document Management

Version control for quality systems and to keep you in control of all documents.

Security settings to protect your intellectual property, and take care of privacy.

Setup Microsoft Office 365 document libraries for your organisation and provide training to key operators.


Explore the various team tools to enable work collaboratively from different locations with colleagues, customer or suppliers.

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