Creating next-generation power management with Azure IoT

With graduation rates at 55%, educators at the Tacoma Public School District knew they needed to connect with their students to improve their educational prospects. But how?

With help from Azure Machine Learning, teachers were able to see which students were at risk of dropping out. This game-changing data analysis enables teachers to provide extra learning assistance to the students who need it most.

At Quay Focus, we want to help your students get the most out of their education.

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GDPR Compliance – How Microsoft Meets Your Needs

To get GDPR compliant, it may seem like you need to hire a large legal team. We know that GDPR compliance may appear to be a difficult endeavor, but we’re here to help make it easier.

Microsoft is committed to being GDPR compliant. Building features and capabilities into products and services to assist you with your own GDPR compliance requirements, Microsoft will provide your team with timely notifications of breaches and empower you to audit security and privacy controls.

Quay Focus and Microsoft will help you meet your policy, people, process, and technology goals on your journey to GDPR compliance. Contact us and read this white paper for more.

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The millennial arrival and the evolution of the modern workplace

At Quay Focus, we’re making strides to modernize our workplace and empower our customers to do the same.

By 2030, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce, and businesses must continue to evolve in step with a generation that expects access and flexibility, prioritizes work-life integration, and depend on technology that will not only promote personal growth, but help them bring about change in the world.

Enable your employees to stay connected and make an impact with the Microsoft Cloud and best-in-class collaboration tools like #Office365. To learn more, contact us today.

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How to provide persistent data protection on-premises and in the cloud

If you have customers or employees in the EU, then you need to get compliant with GDPR. At Quay Focus, we want to support you on that journey by giving you the best IT services platform that combines built-in safeguards and gives you control over your data.  
Microsoft is the platform that IT pros trust. With Microsoft Azure, you can protect sensitive data with encryption or visual markings and gain visibility and control over your data even when you’re transitioning to the cloud.  
Help your business on its journey to GDPR compliance. Contact us and check this infographic for more.

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9 Myths About Moving to the Cloud

If you like the benefits promised by the cloud but still feel hesitant about making the move, read the e-book, 9 Myths About Moving to the Cloud. You’ll discover that with Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, all those reasons you’re not making the switch aren’t reasons at all. Then let Quay Focus help you get started on your cloud journey.

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Managing GDPR with Microsoft Services, including Data Log Exports and the Right to be Forgotten

Getting compliant with GDPR standards is a tough journey. At Quay Focus, we want that process to be as painless and profitable for your business as possible.

Office 365 has several built-in features that allow you to get compliant fast with GDPR. You can get the information you need to complete your data protection impact assessment for Microsoft services, search on specific GDPR articles via the Compliance Manager, and permanently delete user data so you’re up to GDPR standards.

Make your GDPR compliance journey faster and easier. Contact us and watch this short video for recent updates on planning and implementing GDPR requirements.

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Maximize the Impact of Firstline Workers

Are you empowering your customer-facing employees? In the infographic, Maximize the Impact of Firstline Workers, you’ll see how you can drive business by keeping this group digitally connected. Then contact Quay Focus so we can help you help you can take teamwork to the next level with Microsoft Office 365.

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Customer story: Special Olympics

With the Microsoft Cloud, the @SpecialOlympics tracks information for nearly 5 million athletes in 170 countries. And with anywhere, anytime access to data, countless hours have been saved and reinvested into impacting athletes and changing the world.

Have you ever wondered how you can use technology to impact lives and change the world? Wherever you are in your cloud journey, Quay Focus can help. Contact us to learn more.

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Customer Story: Fresno Unified School District

All students learn differently. With learning tools from Microsoft Education, students can learn at their own pace and in the way that best benefits them.

@FresnoUnifiedSchoolDistrict believes that when students are engaged and excited to learn, there’s no limit to what they can achieve.

If you’re ready to drive student success, we can help. Contact our team at Quay Focus to learn more about educational opportunities with Microsoft.

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The 1:1 hierarchy of needs: Building the foundation for future educational technology success

When students have access to educational devices, their learning outcomes inevitably improve. The 1:1 paradigm serves to democratize education so that every student has the opportunity to succeed.

And when students are able to access learning tools included in Windows 10, they are able to reap the biggest benefits afforded in educational technology.

At Quay Focus, we want to help your district on the journey to creating a brighter future for your students.

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